Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
March 2011
wooden collage wall cross by Patti Reed embellished with my "Quatrefoil With Lotus" design made in polymer clay, then wrapped in wire strung with my handmade polymer clay beads

The lotus seedling grows from the bottom of a pond sinking its roots deep into the mud, sending up a long stem through the murky water until it reaches through to the sunlight in a splendor of beauty. The lotus serves as a visual metaphor for the spiritual growth of the Christian who is to rise above the muck and sin reaching for the Light of the World.

The quatrefoil is a suggestive cross form. In historic Christianity, the four lobes of the quatrefoil represent the four gospel evangelists and the four compass directions, serving as a symbol of the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth. Four equal foils represent equal proportion, balance, harmony, and wholeness. It doesn't protrude or intrude. It fills and includes. Having no sharp external edges, it can remind us that somehow, our faith walk and that of others must co-exist compatibly, to proclaim the truths of our own tradition without hard edges or harsh boundaries.
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