Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
June 29th, 2011
Watch the dance of the torch and the bloom of color that grows.

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I claim no expertise in this process. I'm just experimenting and having fun with it. I had my camera in my left hand and the torch in my right hand and was rightly, more focused on the torch than the camera. The coloring action does not come this quickly. I had torched the copper cross before I started the video recording. I am using my Smith Equipment's Little Torch with propane and oxygen (what I use for soldering jewelry).

Still shots of this work can be viewed on my business facebook page. Come on over and "like" the page.

Click through the purple link to view similar crosses in current inventory on my website. This is collaborative work. The crosses are made by metal sculptor, Ken Webb of Quiet Bear Art (see links page). I then color the copper with my torch and add various embellishments using polymer clay and wire.
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