Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
This gallery of photos and narration demonstrates one way a church can approach a design process for a commemorative piece. I never visited the church premises as the entire design process was communicated by phone and email. The photos taken around the church were emailed to me early in the design process by then Associate Rector, Herb DeWees who remained my communications contact throughout the process. DeWees brought the idea of an anniversary cross design to Good Shepherd from the successful experience at St. Luke's Dallas where he was serving when I designed their anniversary cross in 2000. Both of these projects were rewarding experiences for me where I was blessed to communicate with exceptional people in each congregation. My experience has shown that a project contact person can significantly influence the success of each particular project.

A photo journal of the making of these crosses is shown in my gallery titled PROCESSES

also see H55 FEED MY SHEEP in symbol jewelry

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