Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
sterling silver, amethyst
1" X 1"
Small Canterbury Cross with round amethyst gemstone currently available.

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cross $119 + $8 US shipping/ins = $127 online price
purple cord shown is $9. contact me to add chain or cord to purchase.

The original Canterbury Cross dating from circa 850 A.D. was discovered in 1867, in an excavation beneath St. George’s Street in Canterbury, England. This cross is widely recognized as the symbol of the worldwide Anglican Communion, of which the Episcopal Church in the United States is an integral member.

Canterbury presents to the world a picture of past faith and present hope. Canterbury is the site of the first church established by St. Augustine when he came to Christianize England in 597 A.D. In the Middle Ages, thousands of pilgrims came to Canterbury... more than to any other place in the English-speaking world for inspiration and renewal. Many are still drawn there today.

My Canterbury Cross designs are a stylized interpretation, not intended to be replicas of the original Canterbury cross.
H38 - H42 are all derived from my original design of Bishop Alard's pectoral cross (see H31, H32).

all crosses in this series have hidden loops for chain
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