Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
This gallery features gift assortments of my handcrafted soaps. At this time I am not putting these assortments together in advance, prefering to do it by request. You can set a price point for the assortment, request a theme, etc. and I will do my best to accommodate you based on current soap inventory. I can ship directly to a gift recipient. Send me a message from the contact page with any specific instructions or requests. I am leaving a variety of past/sold assortments as suggestions of what you might want to group together for a special order and have listed some theme ideas below. Most assortments are packaged in organza bags in a color to suit the theme. Some assortments work best arranged in a shallow basket.

Here are some of my theme suggestions:
"For the Love of Lavender" may includes a variety of lavender scent combinations, and a sachet bag of lavender buds
"Flower Power" may contain an assortment of flower shapes
"Garden Lover" themes might include garden critters and flowers
"Nature Lover" themes may include birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other fun critters
"Beach Lovers" theme may include seashell shapes, fish, palm trees, and tropical scents
"Christian" theme can include crosses, butterflies, fleur-de-lis, and hearts. I have also included a hand cross in these assortments.
"Power of Love" can be made up with an assortment of heart shapes, sizes, colors, scents. I have also included a hand heart in these assortments.
"Wind Up, Wind Down" includes a mix of invigorating scents for morning with some calming scents for end of day relaxation

Most of my soaps are currently being made with only several bases: Goat's Milk for all opaque soaps, and clear glycerin or olive oil for most transparent soaps and any combination of these for layered soaps.