Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist

Be sure to scroll the gallery to see all the color choices available. View this gallery in full with descriptions for each by clicking on the first image, then move through the gallery using the purple "next". The first images in the gallery usually show lariats in current inventory available for immediate delivery. Purple purchase links are being added to sets in current inventory. Purple price links include shipping and a click takes you to a secure PayPal checkout. To order multiple items from my site, place your order by message from the contact page so I can provide best 1 box shipping price.

Most lariat sets are priced at $95 plus shipping. All my beaded necklaces come with matching earrings included in the price. When ordered without earrings I reduce the price by $10. Earrings can be converted to a clip earring for an additional charge.

My beaded creations combine polymer clay feature beads strung with a variety of gemstone and glass beads. I hand make the clay feature beads, setting the color scheme for the piece. I select the gem and glass beads while stringing the necklace, resulting in a spontaneous rhythm of color, shape, and texture while rendering each creation one of a kind.

A lariat necklace is one long strand, worn like a beaded scarf (no clasp needed). To wear lariat style, fold the necklace in half, wrap around the neck, slipping the ends through the loop formed by the fold. You can use a decorative pin to anchor the lariat at the loop or to drape the beads and pin to clothing. Twisting gives a different look and shortens the length. Tie a loose knot with the dangling ends to create a nice focal point.

The longer the lariat, the more options there are for wearing it. Leave it long, or wrap the strand around more times, creating a multi-strand short necklace, letting the ends dangle freely or loosely tied. Drape it around the neck without a fold and tie a loose knot for an even longer wearing option.There are no right or wrong ways to wear lariat necklaces.

Experiment to find the ways that work best for you!

Link here to view the process of how I make the polymer clay feature beads.