Nancy Denmark, Jewelry Artist
Many members and others now wear these crosses inspired by the window at Church of the Epiphany, Houston. I offer 2 versions of it. One is a cross with equal arms and the other is a Latin style with a long bottom. To purchase see "Spirit Flow Cross" H56A in symbol jewelry.

The circle of the cross evokes a sense of the world with the cross of Christ anchoring the center and four compass points. The circle, a symbol of eternity, also reminds us that through Christ we have eternal life. The outward flow of lines from the cross, encourage us to carry His light out into our world. When focused on Christ as our anchor and center, we may serve as vessels for the Holy Spirit to flow and work through us, as we take our faith in action out into the world.
This cross was inspired by the window at Episcopal Church of the Epiphany in Houston, Texas and designed to commemorate their 50th anniversary. I have been blessed to call Epiphany my home church since 1983.
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