• Nancy Denmark
  • 281.650.4424
  • To place an order or inquiry, contact me by phone, or a message here. Please include specific descriptions in your inquiries such as title & media. Example: I make many forms of crosses so please specify wall or jewelry. When contacting me from a specific page, I have no way of knowing what page you are inquiring about without a description or a link to the page. To follow me on my Facebook business page, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, click the icons.

PURCHASE PAYMENT OPTIONS: Many items on my website have click through price links to purchase current inventory directly from the website. This works well when ordering single items when you don't need to add a chain or purchase multiples. When arranging purchases by phone or email, I usually email an invoice for a secure online payment using the Square invoice service. I can do the same using PayPal when the customer requests it.

Please do not contact me with solicitations! I do not answer calls from unknown numbers so please do not block your ID if you choose to call.