These photos document the foundry process of casting the actual cross wax model into metal. Photographs were taken by Carol Andrews with the exception of 4 general photos of the casting process with explanations from foundry man, Greg Jensen's website.

You might also want to view a creative movie of the casting posted on Doyle's blog. The movie was created by my photographer friend Carol Andrews. It is very symbolic as it tracks the transformation from wax model to metal casting through the lost wax casting process.

Original photo journal posting: Hurricane Ike interrupted our casting plan that was to take place on September 11, the Friday Ike blew in. Greg (my foundry man and friend) and I decided we needed to punt and board up our houses instead.

Following Ike, we conferred and we both had power but the whole city was out and not functioning ...and gold still needed to be purchased. The hold pattern continued...

By Wednesday following Ike, Greg found a supplier open and made the gold purchase. I ventured across the sprawling metropolis of destruction to take the wax model to his studio. Even though we had power we kept experiencing outages as repairs were made to nearby lines so we decided to hold off until we could count on a steady supply of power to last through the casting.

Eventually the casting did take place, but Ike seemed to steal the calendar from me in this time period. Today, as I make this post, we mark one month since Ike struck and I don't know where that month went. Ike seemed to create a snowball effect of delays...