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My knitting is a therapeutic extension of all my other art forms… each scarf being a playful experimentation with endless color and texture combinations.

Each image leads to a gallery of scarves grouped by type and sold scarves.

The 1st image leads to my full size "regular" knitted scarves. Average price is $45 with a typical range between $30 - $65.

The 2nd image leads to a gallery of special scarves I call art scarves. My art scarves are priced from $65 - $95.

The 3rd image leads to a gallery of braided yarn boa style scarves. Most are priced at $20 when purchased from the website.

The 4th image leads to a gallery of sold scarves. Most may be ordered by color scheme and some may be replicated.

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More musings on my knitting...
While many of my added art forms may seem to stray far from my usual work, I am actually quite amazed at how each one influences another. I think my customers will find a continuity in my use of color, textures, and the mix and variety used in each. My goal in creating anything is to bring a new voice, my unique voice, to the tried and true and sometimes overdone crafts. My aim is to experiment in such a way that I may take each simple craft to a more artful level. The materials themselves are often what calls me to play with a new craft. I was definitely called to knitting by the aisles and aisles of soft, colorful, textures of yarn offerings and the tactile "feel good" aspect of these materials. Finally I succumbed to the call and fell head over heels, acquiring an over the top yarn stash through my first years of knitting.

After some years of other things consuming my knitting time, I am bringing back my knitted scarves and braided boas with the help of my friend Juli. Together we dive into my yarn stash and pull together the artful combinations. Juli brings some new stitches to the current offerings and has developed into a fabulous and productive knitter while sharing my same sense of color and texture goals. We both find great joy and therapeutic benefits in the knitting experience and sharing this creative adventure has made it even more fun for me as I return to this calming craft.