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    Thanks to all from the chief cook, bottle washer, and artist. "I am the company and the company is me!" Nancy


    I am an artist with a primary interest in creating jewelry to help the wearer communicate the love of God. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a specialization in Jewelry and Metalsmithing, from the University of Houston in 1976. I started my own business in 1980 and have since been designing and crafting jewelry as a full time vocation. My designs characteristically have a continual line and sense of movement. I mainly work in precious metals, sterling, and 14K gold and often incorporate gemstones. I do all the design, crafting, and finishing work myself. I work alone. "I am the company and the company is me!"


    Visual Stories and Statements of Faith...

    the calling...
    In the late 80's, after hearing a stewardship sermon, I felt called to communicate the love of God through my jewelry work. I understood it to be my responsibility, as a good steward of my artistic gifts, to create a body of work for the Glory of God. It was the best way for me to give God a good return on his investment in me. As a Lenten discipline, I created the first pieces of my line of jewelry incorporating Christian symbology. I named it "From the Heart Line" as many of my first pieces were hearts incorporating different Christian symbols. Through the years, I have continued to add to that original body of work, which is now over 55 designs strong. With that first calling, I committed to give each piece a story or scripture explanation to help the wearer communicate their faith to others with words, as well as the visual design. One of my favorite quotes, attributed to St. Francis of Assisi, is "Tell everyone around you of the great love of God. When all else fails, use words." It is my goal as an artist that each jewelry piece stands on its own as good design without the attached symbolism. It is also my goal that the symbols will communicate without words. This often results in perfect strangers, being drawn to comment on the design, opening a door for the wearer to share their story of faith. My ministry is sharing the love and glory of God through my design work, offering the wearer a "love story" to visibly wear and verbally share.

    every picture tells a story...
    Being an artist, I am such a visual person, so I seem to learn best through visual means. I remember focusing on the symbols in church settings as a child. I still use the big beautiful window in my church today as a place to focus my eyes while listening during the service. God "speaks" to me through all my senses, but the visual often seems to provide the most direct line of communication for me. For me, symbols serve as portals to enter a world of thought, contemplation, meditation, or just pure pondering. I am constantly researching symbols for historic as well as contemporary meanings yet I'm not afraid to create my own, since "every picture tells a story". How primal and basic. Mankind has been communicating with pictures from the beginning of time. My research always leads me to inspiration, better understanding of concepts, and spiritual growth, which in turn is reflected in my design work. One time I took a step back and looked at the body of work I had created over time and realized through my choice of symbols and stories it was a pictorial time line of my own life experience. I can often recall the life event speaking to me at the time that influenced my design or the naming of the design. This body of work is my own story of faith.

    more about the storytelling...
    I feel I can best communicate my faith through the use of symbols and I especially like to combine symbols to tell a story. That began with my first pieces when I incorporated different symbols into hearts. One of my older, yet still favorite designs is "One In the Spirit" which tells a story through the combination of 2 hearts, a fish, and a cross all entwined inside the outer shape of a descending dove. The accompanying story fleshes out the design with, " Two hearts joined together by and in Christ form a union, which is encompassed by the Holy Spirit." link to H21 design One of my newer designs incorporates sheep, a shepherd's crook and wheat in a quatrefoil shaped cross, titled "Feed My Sheep". Those 4 symbols combine to tell a big story about our relationship with our Lord as the "sheep of his pasture" and our own call to "feed his sheep" by taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. link to H55 design Most of my designs are much more than a static symbol, or a smattering of unrelated symbols. Even if the piece is a lone symbol, its shape will communicate more, like the "Spirit In Motion" or "Filled with the Spirit". Each is a simple descending dove but a dove that is in motion with flame like wings. My fish are fluid, emoting a sense of the fish moving through water.

    my Source and motivation...
    I hope my work reflects that it is inspired by a Source greater than me. People often ask how do you come up with your ideas? There also seems to be a pervading thought that one would run out of ideas. I cannot fathom ever running out of ideas. There are so many known and unknown designs begging me to give them life but I know I will not live long enough to ever make that happen. I also trust in the Source from whence they flow. It is an ever-flowing fountain for anyone who chooses to drink. I often have people sharing their "good ideas" with me being delivered in a phrase such as "you should make a ___ it would really sell well." My motivation is humbler than a monetary motivation. I hope to be a faithful and obedient servant to the work, as a co-creator with God, my Inspirer. I feel blessed to be able to combine my ministry with my work life. It has made me a happy and whole being, which I believe leads me to create better work. My aim is to just feed the lake, even though my contribution may just be a trickle. What matters is the lake, and we are all called to feed the lake using our own unique gifts with no required quantitative measure.

    discerning what to make next...
    There are many influences of what ideas actually get brought to fruition. Is that idea "speaking to me" at the time in some way or another? Do I have a unique voice for that concept? There is plenty of well-designed Christian jewelry out there already, so for me to add another fish to the table, I want to know that it will be fleshed out with a new voice before I give it my energy. Will there be something different spoken in the way I present it? People often have requests for me to make specific symbols. If that symbol holds no special meaning for me, I don't have a voice for it. I heard a long time ago of a teacher advising his art students to "paint what you know". If you live in Texas, don't try to paint snow scenes. I am a Christian and my designs are a reflection of my own faith experience. That is what I know. I avoid the term "religious jewelry" as a description of what I do since that term should encompass symbols of many faiths. I call mine what it is, "Christian Symbol Jewelry". Many times in my research of symbols, I will get to know an unfamiliar symbol and fall in love with it as I learn more about it and embrace it's meaning. Sometimes that research may have an opposite effect. It may shed new light that will turn me off, as I learn of some negative connotations attached. But in the end, I will only give it life when I know it well enough to give it a voice, with something new to say.

    confliction to conviction...
    You may notice that many of my recent designs began as a commission from a church. I have seen some jewelry companies making statements of conviction and assurance that you will not see "your design" being sold elsewhere. While that seems honorable, here is my statement on the subject. If I created a piece especially for you or your group, it is "my design for your use". Better yet, it is really not wholly "my design"; it belongs to the ultimate Creator for His glory. I was faced with this confliction one day in my studio when a visiting customer noticed all the crosses I was working on and wanted to purchase one. I choked as I thought to myself, "How can I tell this woman she cannot have this cross that speaks to her also?" I really didn't answer that day as there were numerous church members' orders in front of her and I knew it may be months before I had one to spare for her to buy. That gave me time to come to terms with my confliction, which eventually lead to my own statement of conviction. I will not create exclusive designs. That is not the statement of faith I want to make. Our faith is meant to be shared and we do not belong to an exclusive club. Once again, it is not about money, it is about feeding the lake. That struggle with confliction led me to better discern the projects I will currently accept.

    share the love...
    It is my belief we best share our faith by actions of love and in conversations of love, using Jesus Christ as our perfect model of living life in love. I hope my symbol jewelry may serve the wearer as a daily personal reminder of where we are to center our lives and as a tool to open doors, offering opportunities to share their own love story of faith with others.

    In your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. 1 Peter 3:15


    This brochure features my complete "From The Heart Line" Christian symbol jewelry line. When printed out at 100% the images are very close to actual size. If the brochure date seems old, it simply means I haven't changed prices since that date.

    My Christian symbol jewelry may also be viewed in living color in its own web gallery.


    An arts profile written by Carol Barnwell for the Advent 2014 issue of The Texas Episcopalian Diolog is now available to read online.


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  • NEW CROSS WITH EAGLE (St. John Lutheran) 12/2013

    Now accepting orders on a cross I designed for St. John Lutheran Church, Cypress TX. $55 cross + $6 shipping = $61

    On Eagle's Wings ~ "but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." Isaiah 40:31

    High polished silver cross with raised St. John's eagle logo measures 1 1/8" X 3/4" (measurement is approximate and does not include bale). It is my goal to keep these in inventory, ready to fill orders with quick shipping as long as my supply of finished crosses meets the demand. Message me from the contact page with any questions. Chains or cords are available for added cost. Contact me for suggestions and prices.

    To purchase, click here and follow instructions on page to checkout online.


    Feeling inspired to leap into another new area with mixed media pieces for the wall...I am creating a new body of work taking my symbol designs to the wall in collaged, mixed media canvases. While I'm busy working on these I haven't taken the time to get photos on the website just yet but recently posted pictures of the pieces on my business facebook page. Get a preview of what's to come by following these links: Seasons Of Life a set of 6 that has already sold and Small Symbolic Canvases For The Wall available for purchase.


    * GOLD prices have gone crazy in value on the World Market.
    * Since August of 2004, Gold has gone up more than 250% per ounce.
    * The price of Gold was then at $380.00 per oz.
    * On March 18, 2008 Gold hit a record high of $1,008.00 per oz.
    * In December 2009 GOLD climbed over $1,200.00 per oz.
    * Early 2010, Gold ranged from $1,060 - $1,160
    * In December 2010 gold has exceeded $1400 an oz.

    UPDATE 2015: I am no longer casting new things in gold. I have a limited gold inventory and am happy to quote prices and arrange purchases for existing inventory.


    I know many people have enjoyed following my processes of making my jewelry. Here's a link to a project journaled on my facebook business page. Jump on over there, "like" the page and view the sequence of photos documenting the project. project photo album

  • MY NEW BLOG 11/2009

    After much encouragement, I rolled out my new blog today. You will find a new link for it in the menu and on my links page.


    I have been working from my new home studio this week (Jan 5-9). There is still much to be moved and organized but I have resumed "making stuff" in my new studio digs. Loving my new work setting! I've hung bird feeders within view of my studio windows and I'm getting lots of bird visitors. I looked up from my work the other day and caught a glimpse of the cows pasturing across the road and it made me happy. My new work environment is proving to be very conducive to creating. I relish the solitude and peace I find in my country abode.


    I have introduced a new design today (March 16, '09) follow this link to view and read full story and symbolism: Spirit Wind Beneath My Wings Butterfly

  • STUDIO MOVE HAS BEGUN... 12/2008

    I will be moving my work space from Katy to my new country home studio over the holidays. Hoping to settle in with as little down time as possible since the work just keeps coming.

    My jewelry will remain on display at our business in Katy but I will be making it from our country abode in peace and quiet surrounded by cows, birds, and my flowers. Hoping it will better feed my artist spirit to avoid the city hassles on a daily basis.

    For now I have to get through the hassle of packing up, moving, and settling in to my new studio!


  • WE HAVE A NEW BISHOP! 11/2008

    The consecration service took place on Saturday, November 22 at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston, TX and what a glorious event it was! We welcome with love a new bishop to the episcopate of the Episcopal Church, The Rt. Rev. C. Andrew Doyle.


    On Wednesday, November 5th, I finished the gold pectoral cross for Bishop Coadjutor - Elect, C. Andrew Doyle. I delivered it to him on Thursday (a happy man).

    He gave me his copy of the full page Episcopal Life story done on the making of his cross. Episcopal Life is the national news publication of the Episcopal Church USA. We are very pleased with the story which tells of our collaborative design process and shows many color photos of the process of making the cross. The November issue of our diocesan paper, the Texas Episcopalian, continued stories of the making of his cross and other symbols of the office.

    I am now working to complete the small cross pendants for his family and a sterling silver replica of his gold cross. Having delivered the pectoral cross a couple of weeks in advance of his consecration gives me great relief!


    The four flowers on the arms of the new bishop’s pectoral cross will be cast separately as necklaces for wife JoAnne, and daughters Caisa and Zoë. The fourth will be a "pocket" flower for Andy. While the symbols of the resurrection reflect the family’s love of nature and gardening, they are also evidence of their continued growth together and in the love of Christ.
    See finished pendants here.



    The full project can be followed from this link: Doyle Pectoral Cross Project


    I am happy to share the news that I have met with our newly elected Bishop Coadjutor, Andrew Doyle, to start the process of designing and making his pectoral cross. Doyle will become the Diocesan Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, upon the retirement of Bishop Don Wimberly. Doyle is also an artist so we look forward to an exciting collaborative project between the two of us. He has expressed the desire to have a teaching cross and we have shared ideas, options, and concepts. I am now in the research process of studying symbols and conceptualizing how to weave a story of meaningful symbols into the design. A bishop's pectoral cross is a symbol of the office and worn on the chest (Latin pectoralis), close to the heart.