With Bishop Doyle's blessings I am making a line of jewelry from his pectoral cross design. Each piece will feature different elements of the whole.

I started with the four botanical symbols from the ends of the cross. Each will be created as a stand alone quatrefoil cross pendant. Bishop Doyle's wife and daughters will wear 3 flower cross pendants and he will carry the 4th in his pocket reminding each of their connectedness and continued growth in Christ as a family. Wife JoAnne has chosen the dogwood, the bishop will carry the pomegranate in his pocket and their daughters will wear the lily and lotus.

As a gift of thanksgiving, I will donate a percentage of sales proceeds from this jewelry line to Bishop Doyle's discretionary fund to be used in his ministry.

The quatrefoil pendants are now available for purchase. The quatrefoil shape cross will also reflect an aspect of Bishop Harrison's pectoral cross and the dogwood symbol was used on both Bishop High and Bishop Doyle's pectoral crosses.

A new design is in the works incorporating the Good Shepherd, lion and lamb, and grapevines. I project it will be made available in February 2010.

Many have asked about replicas of the Doyle pectoral cross but it is impossible to get all the design elements on a reduced size cross so that is not in the plan. The full size cross is not replicated for others so that it remains unique to the bishop it was made for as a symbol of his/her office.