The scarves I call art scarves, are different in that I use many different yarns, knitting with up to 10 strands at once and constantly changing and tying on new yarns as I knit to create a fun and exciting cacophony of textures and colors. The wild fringe mixes started with my art scarves and I now carry that over to my other scarves for a popular dramatic look.

The extra knitting time and multiple yarns price these art scarves out between $65 and $95 depending on size. The long ones may be worn doubled around the shoulders as a shawl. These scarves are dense, heavy, and warm due to the quantity of yarn used in knitting them.

While none in current inventory, I am happy to take orders on general color schemes.

While many of my added art forms may seem to stray far from my usual work, I am actually quite amazed at how each one influences another. I think my customers will find a continuity in my use of color, textures, and the mix and variety used in each. My goal in creating anything is to bring a new voice, my unique voice, to the tried and true and sometimes overdone crafts. My aim is to experiment in such a way that I may take each craft to a more artful level. The materials themselves are often what calls me to play with a new craft. I was definitely called to knitting by the aisles and aisles of soft, colorful, textures of yarn offerings. Finally I succumbed to the call and fell in head over heels. I'm hooked on knitting.