Description with symbolism in consecration program.

Bishop Ryan designed her pectoral cross with the help of jeweler Nancy Denmark. At its center is a turquoise stone from the Cerrillos Turquoise Mine near Ambuquerque, NM, where Ryan grew up. Suggestive of the world, it represents the focus of Christ's mission of love. The Zia surrounding the stone, while reminding the bishop of her New Mexico roots and her admiration of the pueblo people and their ideals, symbolizes the Son of God who brings light to the world. On the arms of the cross are symbols of the Spirit's movement through creation and in the life of Christ's disciples.

The symbol of water (bottom) represents the gift of the Spirit through the waters of baptism, joining creation to our cleansing as we become members of Christ's Body. The wind (right & left) represents the Spirit's movement in all creation and in the Body of believers to bring us to life and truth.The fire, (top) the power of the Spirit first experienced at Pentecost, connecting those from many nations to the confession of one faith. The shape of the cross is known as patonce (referring to the leopard's paw), with the 3 petals on each arm representing the Trinity, and the total of twelve petals representing the twelve apostles.