free standing cedar cross with sterling silver descending dove
sterling on cedar
8 X 4.5 inches

free standing cedar cross with sterling silver descending dove

Collaborative piece of Margaret Bailey and Nancy Denmark.

The natural graining of this cedar is rare with a fiery flame-like iridescence compounding the symbolic Holy Spirit imagery with the flame-like dove.

The most frequent representations of the Spirit are the descending dove and flames. There are biblical accounts of the Holy Spirit appearing as a dove at the baptism of Jesus, and as tongues of fire when the Apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit.

This is the 1st cross we have made with this Filled With The Spirit dove design. We look for special pieces of wood that communicate the Holy Spirit by the flow and movement we see in the wood grain. The narrow proportions of this cross lent itself to the use of a smaller dove design. This was custom made for a customer who chose the cross and symbol while Margaret and I were exhibiting at the same event. We invite you to do the same! Out of several crosses Margaret was able to cut from this special piece of wood, this one had some of the most exciting "flame action" going on.

(This dove on a cross of similar size and proportion would be priced around $65)