sterling silver butterfly pendant © Nancy Denmark
sterling silver
1 5/8" X 1 5/8"

“Spirit Wind Beneath My Wings”
The butterfly is a living parable of the promise of resurrection as the caterpillar (Jesus) goes into the chrysalis (tomb) and emerges (leaving the old behind) as a butterfly (made new in the risen Christ) to soar free.

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I recommend the 1.25mm omega style chain. Chain options and prices may be viewed here

The butterfly also symbolizes my freedom in Christ today on Earth, as I lay my burdens at His feet and soar light and free as a butterfly with the wind of the Holy Spirit beneath my wings.

"If anyone is in Christ, there is a new creation; the old has passed; behold, the new has come." 2 Corinthians 5:17

This design was created as a retirement gift for our former diocesan bishop’s wife, Wendy Wimberly, who is known for her “signature” of always wearing butterfly pins on her shoulder. I often see the letter “W” in butterfly designs and I made a point to include the double “W” in the wings of this design as her monogram. When they retire, Wendy will leave us with her signature of Grace in our diocesan memory book. This design will forever be dedicated to my friend in Christ, Wendy Wimberly. May they soar light and free on the winds of the Holy Spirit as they move into a new life of retirement.

Further personal musings on this design process…
This was the first design I created in my new home studio in a peaceful country setting. I watched butterflies flitting around just outside the studio window as I brought this design to life. This design holds special “New Beginning” symbolism for me as an artist being made new again in my new workspace. Another “old” has passed and a “new” has come once again in my ongoing life as a New Creation of God. Thanks be to God in newness of life!